In 1986, the Pima Association of Governments adopted a resolution designating Houghton Road as State Route 983 and including it in a Long-Term Regional Freeway/ Expressway Plan. Since that time, Tucson, Pima County and the areas surrounding Houghton Road have continued to change and grow, creating the need to evaluate the current and future demands on the roadway and its place in the region’s overall transportation picture.


The Houghton Road Corridor is divided into four geographical sections for study purposes:

  1. Houghton Rd. from Golf Links to Tanque Verde
  2. Houghton Rd. from Golf Links to I-10
  3. Houghton Rd. from I-10 to Sahuarita Rd.
  4. Golf Links from Houghton Rd. to I-10

To learn more about the study's process, click here.


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